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Meet Dr. Paul Kim -Dr of chiropractic (DC)

Understanding the cause of the disease is the key step of fixing it. At Willetton Chiropractic, we utilize detailed Neuro-structural examinations to identify the cause of your symptoms accurately.

Once we understand the cause, we can determine most suitable treatment for you based on our assessment. Treatment could range from chiropractic care to referral out to other more suitable health professionals. Knowing the cause also helps us prevent the disease from reoccurring. Saving you the time, effort and health.

At Willetton Chiropractic, we value your health above anything else. We want everyone to live a healthier and pain-free life.

Practice Areas

At Willetton Chiropractic, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution. Our focus is to resolve problem that is related to Neuro-Structural abnormalities in the nervous system and your spine. We want your body to work at its best, and we can help you to achieve it.

Neuro-Structural abnormalities may be responsible for many symptoms. These symptoms are more commonly known as secondary conditions. Few examples of secondary conditions are in the table below, however there are many more.

Secondary conditions

We service all area’s of southern suburbs of Perth including; Willeton, Bull creek, Bateman, Brentwood, Murdoch, Rossmoyne, Shelley, Riverton, Canning Vale, Parkwood, Lanford, Lynwood, Ferndale, Wilson, Leeming, Langford, Murdoch, Brentwood, Booragoon, Ardross, Mount Pleasant and all surrounding suburbs