-2009 Studied at ANU for bachelor of science major in pathology and anatomy.
-2016 DUX of chiropractic
-2019 Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and a Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic from Murdoch University. Graduated with distinction.

Thank you for your interest in our
Chiropractic Clinic

You probably have heard about us from others and
found your way here to learn more about us.

Although our web page won’t be able to tell you everything about our clinic, we will be able to tell you about key distinctive identity of our clinic. For example what our clinic looks like, what we do, our treatment beliefs and so on.

At Willetton Chiropractic our approach is Neuro-Structure Correction. We treat the structural problems in your spine that may be responsible for your conditions.

Conventional Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractors focus on goals like decreasing muscular spasm, increasing range of motion and reducing pain. This is how most chiropractors practise, and we believe most of them are great at what they do. It falls under the umbrella category of symptom relief/symptom management.

Neuro-structural chiropractic

Think of the spine as the foundation of a house. If the foundation of the house is off, house would be weak, unstable and even collapse. We can perhaps repair damages in the house, however in a short time the problems will have to be repaired again and again.

Suddenly, instead of achieving a true correction, we are relying on chiropractic as a band-aid solution.

Get back to normal

Instead of relying on repairing the symptoms, at Willetton Chiropractic we have chosen to fix the underlying cause of the problem. We focus on fixing the underlying Neuro-stuructural shifts and help you to achieve normal spine structure and neurological functions.

Of course, our services are not for everyone. However if you are tired of constantly getting a band-aid solution to your problem, and you are looking for a long term solution that you can both feel and see for yourself, the Willetton Chiropractic may be the right place for you.