Common Causes of Knee Pain

In Australia, conditions which cause knee pain are incredibly common: almost 19% of the population suffers from knee pain at some point in their life. Knee pain can be particularly debilitating because the human body relies on the knees to perform a range of everyday tasks. Walking, running, jumping, running and lifting heavy objects can all become difficult or impossible if you do not take good care of your knees. In this blog post we outline the symptoms of knee pain, potential causes of knee pain and knee pain treatments; the lattermost of which are offered comprehensively at your local chiropractor: Willerton Chiro. 

Symptoms of Knee Pain 

The primary Symptoms which stem from pain in the knees include, but are not limited to: 

  • Swelling 
  • Weakness 
  • Bruising 
  • Inability to bear weight 
  • Inability to straighten or bend the knee 
  • Knees clicking painfully 

Causes of Knee Pain 

There are three primary causes of knee pain: Injuries, disease and misalignment. 

Knee Injuries 

Injuries to the knees can occur when the patella experience too much force when exercising, lifting objects or performing other routine tasks. Knee pain injuries can include bruising, ligament issues, meniscus issues, sprains and strains and fractures.  

Diseases of the Knee 

Arthritis, tumours, bursitis and cysts are the primary causes of knee pain that stems from disease. 

Knee Misalignment 

This title is slightly misleading because it’s not just misaligned of the knees themselves which can cause pain in the area. Misalignment of hips, the pelvis and/or lumbar vertebrae can also result in pain in the knees: when joints, tendons and ligaments are not working properly. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to arthritis. 

How to Treat Knee Pain 

Depending on the cause of your knee pain, there are a few treatments which you can perform at home; following a visit to your local chiropractor. Lifestyle changes can also have a major impact on the condition of the knees – we discuss these two areas in more depth below. 

At-home exercises 

Discuss these with your chiropractor, but there are a range of exercises you can perform at home to strengthen the areas which are causing you knee pain. Two examples include gluteal-strengthening exercises and stretching your iliotibial band out using a foam roller. 30 minutes of gentle exercise per day can go a long way towards steering clear of knee pain. 

Lifestyle Changes 

Making adjustments to your lifestyle such as squatting to lift objects can alleviate pain in the knees. The goal here is to take extra care when performing routine tasks using your knees to ensure they are not over-exerted and can build muscle safely to prevent further pain. Losing weight can significantly help any pain you experience in your knees by relieving pressure. Stopping smoking can have a positive effect on pain, as can spending less time sedentary (standing up and walking around more). 

When to See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain 

If your knee pain has lasted longer than 12 weeks, it is a good idea to seek professional assistance. Chiropractors can help by re-aligning knee joints, assessing and aligning other areas that may be affecting your knees and also provide you with at-home exercises you can perform to fix the biomechanics of your knees. 

See Willerton Chiro 

If you experience pain in your knees so much that it becomes difficult to perform basic movements, book an appointment with Willetton Chiropractic to ensure the best health outcomes for you. Experiencing frequent pain in the knees is unusual. Willetton Chiropractic are passionate about helping clients to live healthier, pain-free lives. Book an appointment today to discover how chiropractic care may be able to help you.